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             NEW PRODUCT
      Add:No.18 Yanchang Road, Yanqiao Industry Park, Huishan District,Wuxi

      Established in 1958, Wuxi Port Machinery Co., LTD is a manufacturer of specialized Port machinery products including all kinds of hoisting machinery, transportation machinery and steel structures etc. In 1997, the company moved out of the city centre and was relocated at Wuxi Zhongnan Road, Xulai Bridge # 68 ( the present registered location), occupying a floor area in 63,200 square meters. Meanwhile, the mew production base in Huazhuang Industrial Zone of Wuxi has been in use. Moreover, the production base in Yanqiao Industrial Zone of Wuxi shall be ready at the end of this year. Till now, this company possesses 8.19 million RMB Yuan of registered capital and 36.56 million RMB Yuan of fixed assets. The company was certified by the body of ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system; it owns 286 employees among whom 21 of them are engineering technical personnel, 13 persons are with senior rank of professional title; the company possesses metal processing, welding, cold processing machinery and hoisting and transportation equipment in all varieties including two sets of test platform for large-size crane.

      Main lines of the company cover anti-explosion crane, stationary crane (including rotary bearing type crane, overhead crane), overhead travelling crane, gantry crane, container crane, rubber tire crane, and marine crane etc.

      This company shares the integrated management mechanism with Jiangsu Jinxing Mechatronics Automation Co., LTD (originally called Wuxi Jinxing electric Appliances Factory). These two companies operate and sell port machinery equipment and electric control equipment for crane respectively. This is a unique advantage that the combination of machine-building and electric control system-building assures customers advanced technique and reliable quality. The annual output of this company is close to one hundred million RMB Yuan.

      Over the years, the company designs and fabricates nearly one thousand sets of hoisting machinery in different types for hundreds of Ports, electric power plants, steel works, cement mills, and miners etc. Under the guiding of opening policy, the company contacts directly with companies from Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China Hong Kong etc. So that it establishes wide cooperation and intercommunions with companies of same lines both at home and abroad. It helps to absorb updated technologies and transfer their advanced standards and techniques to our production process, which are quite valuable for this company in developing new variety and expanding its production capacity.

      Relying on the company’s spirit of “to establish a quality company by our arduous efforts, deploitation and Innovation”, the company won the titles of the ‘advanced company of material and ideological civilization’, the award of ‘company of excellence quality control’, and the award of ‘honoring contracts and keeping promises’. At the meantime, one of the new products, the anti-explosion crane won the gold medal during the 9th China New Tech & New Product Fair conducted by the State Science & Technology Committee, the Golden Ox Price of Jiangsu Excellent New Company, the 2ed Price of Traffic SciTech Progress of Jiangsu; furthermore, the stationary crane also won the new product medal of Wuxi city

      Based on the new situation, the company shall continuously deepen economic reformation and shall establish modern company management system to increase the scale of new product-development. The company shall always insist on the tenet of “quality first, customer first and business reputation first and keeping contracts”. We warmly welcome business guests both at home and oversea, coming for business negotiation and for tech-exchanging and cooperation as well.

      Wuxi Port Machinery Company Limited  ADD:No.18 Yanchang Road, Yanqiao Industry Park, Huishan District,Wuxi TEL:0510-85414820,85602809
       FAX:0510-85606832 Http://www.lxzhpr.com E-mail:sales@wxgkjx.com   蘇ICP備08020573號

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